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Emergency Central build 3.19.42 3.1

Complete emergency medicine reference

Emergency Central is the complete mobile solution for emergency medicine. Disease, diagnosis, and treatment resources integrated for instant answers! With Emergency Central you can match diagnoses with patient presentation, review details about conditions, identify ideal diagnostic tests, and quickly check drug doses.

Emergency Medicine Manual is bundled with diagnostic tools and a drug guide to form Emergency Central. Access to Unbound MEDLINE is included to help you search the latest or create journal alerts for delivery to your PDA. Access Emergency Central on the Web at your desktop or using an internet-enabled device like Treo or Blackberry. Emergency Central is updated when you synchronize your handheld or when you connect wirelessly.

Unbound Medicine's unique CrossLinks feature creates precise links that integrate your resources--over 5600 links in all! Make quick connections from presentation to diagnostic assessment and then to therapeutic options! Find the answers you need wherever you are using your PDA, the Web, or your wireless device.

Key features of Emergency Central include:

  • Emergency Medicine Manual, 6th edition
  • Diagnosaurus
  • Davis's Drug Guide
  • Pocket Guide to Diagnostic Tests, 4th Edition
  • Unbound MEDLINE

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Emergency Central


Emergency Central build 3.19.42 3.1